Thursday, May 22, 2008

Added Listen NJ

SUCCESS! I listened a little bit to tuesdays with Morrie that I never read and I think i may finish listening to it!! Thanks for the help with this!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Love This Site!! I downloaded all my pictures on it.....:) Invited family and now everyone gets to see all the pictures I've had on my camera for ages!! My family is enjoying it too!

Here is a picture I found on Flickr. It is a Renoir picture. Renoir is my favorite impressionist artist. I love the colors and texture that they used to paint during the impressionistic period. I hope you enjoy it also!!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Deed.....

Finally....a PODCAST!!

Web 2.0 Summary

Boy, where to begin? This has been a very enlightening experience. Lots and lots of information. The most important thing for me right now is to go back and reinforce what I have learned, check out the things I didn't and learn how to use them to benefit myself personally and professionally. Although I skimmed many of the useful tools I would like to go back and learn all about them and use them everyday. Without this opportunity I would never have known just how much the new technology and internet can make our lives easier. One of my top favorites was Delicious. I find myself using it at least once a day. Whether adding a site or going there to retrieve a site. No more favorites kept solitarily on one computer....go to any computer and all your research is at your fingertips!! YIPPEE! I found the NJListen to be the most frustrating and I feel that it may have something to do with the downloading of the software needed to download an audio book. I am not positive but I am thinking because of the restrictions on the OCL compouters, we can not utilize the software that allows you to download a book. So that was a little frustrating and I hope that we can have access to do that in the future. As a result of this opportunity I have created a myspace account which I love because I get to share pictures and all sorts of things with family that don't live close by. Another website I use frequently now is Flickr!! What a great idea. Somwhere for me to put all my pictures so EVERYONE can see them!! It is a great thing. Most of my pictures were locked up in my camera or in a family members can just go to flickr and see the pictures!! What a great way to share!! And I have even introduced many family members to flickr so that was fun!
I think the library could benefit as a whole from google docs. I think this is great if a committee is working on something. Anyone can go in when they have the time and add their piece in to an existing document instead of sending it back and forth through e mail. What a great way to collaborate!! Also, I think Flickr would be great if we created an account for each of the branches and linked it to the OCL website from the individual branch page. The community could see the pictures from a program and we could also podcast snippets from programs on there or promote a program that way!! Whew my mind is going in all directions...there are so many ways we could utilitze so many of the tools at OCL!!
Thanks again for this opportunity I learned many new things and will definitely use them!!

Perplexed Podcaster

Ok....I am not sure where I am going wrong with this but I am having problems putting a podcast on my blog. I found a good one from the Met which highlights the exhibits but was unsuccessful in putting it on my blog.....but I am not giving up so keep checking here!! It is coming soon to a blog near you!!

Listen NJ

Listen NJ is a great idea however I have frequent trouble using it. I tried to download a book onto my mp3 player last year and was unsuccessful. I was so excited to be given the opportunity to learn how to do it with this training, but I still was unable to complete the download. I am not sure where I am going wrong but other staff have had the same problem. So I am not sure if it me, the computer or the software? I hope we can get a little more assistance with this valuable tool.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

You Tube

You can literally spend a day at this site!! It is really awesome!! I wanted to put something funny on my blog so I chose this video. It is a commercial that was made for another OC library!!

Sudoku Fun!!